How Call Barging Can Help Your Team

High-volume support and sales teams use every trick in the book to help them operate efficiently. Sometimes, customers surprise support reps with a question they’ve never heard, or prospects raise an objection that doesn’t have a scripted rebuttal. In these moments, it’s critical for supervisors to have the tools they need to help their team before the situation gets worse.

Call barging is a call center feature that enables supervisors to monitor live calls, and jump in to help when necessary. You may not use this tool on every call, but in times of need, it can be the best option to save a sale or recover a customer relationship. We’ll explore some of the ways you can leverage this feature to help supercharge your team’s workflow.

Training new agents

Every new employee will eventually be cast out to the deep end to handle calls on their own. Inevitably, customers ask questions they’ve never heard, and prospects raise objections they’ve never thought of. When they don’t know the answers, agents may stutter, place callers on hold, or potentially contradict previous statements they’ve made. This discomfort can make employees start to disengage early in their tenure; but, even worse, your customers feel like they’re receiving substandard treatment. It’s a recipe for disaster for new employees.

With call barging, supervisors provide new teammates with a valuable safety net. Employees can hit the phones and talk to customers with the confidence of knowing someone will jump in and help when necessary. The result is happier customers, more confident agents, and a better experience for everyone.

Supporting new product rollouts

It’s not just new agents that can struggle on a customer call. Any time product features, information, or pricing change, there’s an opportunity for miscommunication. Where new feature rollouts could make or break large accounts, it’s important to ensure your customers are always getting the most accurate information.

So, you can use call barging to help out on days where major product releases are shipping, and ensure everyone is handling customer calls smoothly. If there are any questions or concerns, a supervisor will be ready to jump on the call and help out.

Providing stellar customer service and seamless escalations

Every call center employee has heard the question “can I talk to your supervisor?” Often arising when customers are at peak frustration, it’s critical for your team to handle this well. Introducing new friction by transferring the call and placing the customer on hold is only going to make the situation deteriorate. At this point, the likelihood of churn is high, and we need to do everything in our power to restore the relationship.

Attentive supervisors leverage this opportunity to impress customers by immediately jumping in to action and saving the call. The customer is never placed on hold, or transferred somewhere else. Even better, customers believe that a professional team that cares about service quality is handling their case.

Hopefully this post helps you understand how you can use call barging to help your team today. If you’re interested in exploring how this feature works in Parakeet, chat with us. We’d be happy to talk about Parakeet for your team.

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