Parakeet and Salesforce – Supercharge Your Sales Team

Modern sales teams are all about high-volume and efficiency, and often look to their tools to help them get there. At Parakeet, our mission is to build a communications platform that enables teams to be more efficient, and that starts with tools that work together.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the release of our integration with Salesforce, and explore how we can help your team succeed.

Save valuable time with click-to-call

Our Salesforce integration all starts by embedding Parakeet directly into Salesforce Lightning, and enabling seamless click to call straight from your contacts, leads, and cases. Fewer clicks and typing means more dials, and more dials means opportunities per day.

With Parakeet for Salesforce, you’ll spend less time switching between tabs and more time talking to customers.

Never miss a beat with automatic call logging

As a sales team, you should be logging all your calls. Logging calls helps to measure performance, learn from mistakes, and avoid spamming your customers. Unfortunately, logging calls takes time, and that means some teams won’t do it reliably.

Our Salesforce integration will automatically log your calls into Salesforce and attach them to your contacts, all in real time. Even better, if you have call recording enabled, Parakeet can automatically push your call recordings into your activity log as well. With instant logging on all of your Parakeet calls, your team can get back to calling.

Provide seamless service with instant customer identification

Finally, with Salesforce enabled, Parakeet can automatically identify customers from your CRM. Because we can automatically identify customers on every call, your callers will always have a personalized interaction. As a result, you’ll build better and stronger customer relationships.

We hope we’ve given you enough reasons to try out our Salesforce integration. If you’re ready to get started, log into your Parakeet account and head to the Integrations page. You’ll be up and running in no time.

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