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Just a few of the reasons you’ll love Parakeet

Everyday Features

Sometimes, it’s the little things that matter most. Here are just a few of the ways Parakeet can help you every day.

Unlimited calling
Place as many calls as you'd like, and talk for as long as you need, to numbers in your primary country; no strings attached
Native applications
Make and receive calls from your computer or smartphone anywhere in the world with the Parakeet apps
Live call teleport
Free yourself from your desk with the ability to seamlessly teleport a live call between devices
Easily accept voicemail from callers, and receive email notifications when you get one
Wi-Fi and cellular calling
Make and receive calls over Wi-Fi or cellular, and seamlessly transition between the two
Worldwide access
Access your Parakeet numbers from anywhere in the world with no added cost
Call queuing
Easily park customers in a call queue until someone is available to take their call
Simultaneous ring
Ring multiple teammates simultaneously when you receive a new call
Operating hours
Choose when your team will accept calls, and play a message to your callers when you’re unavailable
Call transfer
Transfer calls to a different user or another team entirely with just a few clicks
Real-time updates
Add new teammates or change your queue configuration and it will take effect instantly
See how long your callers are waiting in queues, or who is answering the most incoming calls

Team Features

Tools to help you handle and distribute calls across your team

Extra Features

Here’s just a few of the other benefits you’ll get from Parakeet. And we’re just getting started.

Shared channels
Share conversations with teammates using channels, a one-click conference calling solution
IVR menus
Easily provide your callers a menu they can use to get their calls routed to the right destination
International phone numbers
Instantly launch phone numbers in over 40 supported countries with just a few clicks
40-way calling
Every call in Parakeet dynamically scales up to 40 live participants; no more conference bridges
Instant updates
Re-route incoming calls to a new destination in just a few clicks, all in real time
and more...
We’re just getting started; start your free trial today and let us know if there's something you'd like to see

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