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Everyday Features

Powerful features of Parakeet you'll use every day

Extend the power of Parakeet by connecting with your favorite tools to automatically identify incoming callers and track call activity
Availability Schedules
Customize when you and your team are available to take calls, so you have complete control over when your phones ring
Unlimited Simultaneous Calls
Unlike other systems, Parakeet doesn't charge you for the number of simultaneous calls you have. Take as many calls as your team can handle
Native Applications
Make and receive calls from your computer or smartphone anywhere in the world with the Parakeet apps
Live Call Teleport
Free yourself from your desk with the ability to seamlessly teleport a live call between devices, and never hang up on a customer again
Setup voicemail for your direct liens, or take voicemail when your whole team is unavailable to answer a call
Mobile Applications
Take Parakeet on the go with native applications for iOS and Android that let you make and receive calls wherever you are
Operating Hours
Manage an availbility schedule that routes calls to the right place at the right time, all with a simple schedule configuration
Text Messaging
Your Parakeet number includes text messaging at no additional cost. Check out the best way to connect with your customers
Open API
Every Parakeet account includes access to our API where you can customize your phone system or receive real time activity events
Call Queuing
Seamlessly enable queueing for your inbound calls, and distribute them to your available team members
Simultaneous Ring
Ring multiple teammates simultaneously and hand the call to the first person who is available to answer
See how long your callers are waiting for a call to be answered, who they're talking to, and what they're talking about
Call Transfer
Easily transfer between teams and teammates with a single click, from any device with the Parakeet app
Tag calls with a single click to organize and structure your call history, making reporting a breeze
Shared Inbox
Share call activity with the whole team, so you'll always have a complete picture of your interaction history
Live Reporting
See who's on the phone, who they're talking to, and how long callers have been waiting - all in real time
Call Barging
Join active calls in a single click for coaching or training, and make sure your team is set up for success
Team Features

Features to help distribute calls across your team

Extra Features

Additional features to help you maximize productivity

Shared Contacts
Easily import and share contacts with your team so you'll all be on the same page about which customers are calling
IVR Menus
Easily provide your callers a simple menu they can use to make sure their call gets to the proper destination
International Phone Numbers
Instantly launch phone numbers in over 40 supported countries with just a few clicks, so you can be local to your customers
40-way Calling
Every call in Parakeet dynamically scales up to 40 live participants, so you'll never need to hang up and dial a conference bridge
Instant Updates
Re-route incoming calls to a new destination in just a few clicks, scale from a single person to a team of 100, all in real time
IP Phones
With Parakeet, you get the same platform phone system on your existing internet phones as well. Just drop us a line for help setting them up.

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