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Parakeet combines the convenience of a complete packaged phone solution, with the flexibility of an open platform

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Powerful phone system meets Open API

Explore the amazing capabilities of having a phone system designed for extensibility. Integrate your call activity with your own in-house applications, or build automation into your workflow. The possibilities are endless.


Pull calls and messages, or customize call routing

Parakeet exposes an incredibly powerful Restful API you can use to pull call data, onboard new users, provision and reroute phone numbers, and so much more

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Receive real-time updates about call activity

If you're lookiing to build something a little more dynamic, Parakeet offers a robust set of webhooks you can subscribe to in order to receive data about your Parakeet account.

Looking for some inspiration?

We get it. There are a ton of possibilities. It's hard to decide what would be the most valuable for your team. Here are some awesome things we've seen Parakeet customers build.

Automatically open customer information in a proprietary application when a call is answered
Instantly provision phone numbers to track calls for your various marketing campaigns
Immediately send a thank you and follow up email to your customer when a call completes
Synchronize employee call schedules with a third party scheduling system
...and so much more, just take a peek at our API documentation

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